Ann Fynbo

Par- og Psykoterapeut Ann Fynbo

Everything has been figured out, except how to live one's life.

Jean-Paul Sartre

Individual therapy

Individual therapy is a mean to getting more insight into your personal situation and thereby more acceptance of who you are.

The reasons for choosing therapy are many:
You may have had a specific experience which is difficult to deal with alone or with the help
of your family and friends
You may find it difficult to establish relationships
You may have had a difficult upbringing which affects your adult life in an inappropriate
You are interested in continued personal growth and development
Examples of areas you may work with in individual therapy:
Lack of self-esteem
Needs and personal boundaries
Relationships and contact (couples, family, friends)
Sadness, depression or lack of energy
Grief and crisis
Serious illness – with you, relatives or friends
(Treatment of) infertility
Growing up with a parent who is abusing alcohol or drugs
Mental or physical violence
Existential themes like death, loneliness, responsibility and lack of meaningfulness
Job and career related areas



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